Why Can't I See Google Reviews for My Business?

Having trouble seeing reviews for your business on Google? Learn how to research and fix any issues with your GMB listing or content so you can get more positive testimonials.

Why Can't I See Google Reviews for My Business?

When customers and other Google users trust and want to do business with you, it's important to maintain your integrity. Before Google changes your business status to Not Verified, they will send you an email to check it out. Ultimately, it's up to the reviewer whether or not they post a review, so don't worry too much about the outcome. Be aware that shady marketing companies or business owners who don't know any better may use techniques that Google can easily detect.

It's also possible that the customer decided to delete their own Google review. If you find a duplicate business listing, you can use the Suggest an Edit feature to contact Google support and request a change or removal. Additionally, Google will not verify companies that have been inactive on Google My Business for more than 6 months. 80,000 companies use Birdeye's customer experience software to collect feedback from sites such as Google and Facebook.

In general, when someone posts a Google review to your business listing, it should be publicly displayed within 48 hours. To get the most out of your listing, try Birdeye's free software and watch your Google My Business listing rise to the top of the rest. This will help future customers find you first and authentically. To research and fix any issues, go to Google Maps and look up the exact name or address of your company.

It could be as simple as someone using the same IP address or leaving a similar review as a previous customer. These issues can be divided into those related to your GMB listing or the content itself. To create more positive testimonials, focus on content that is unique to Google's review system.